Illinois Freedom of Information Act


All Freedom of Information requests to the University of Illinois administration or any of the three University campuses are being processed by the Office for University Relations.

The goal of the FOIA request log is transparency for the public and increased understanding of the FOIA process and timelines.

Response letters are posted when University Relations has completed processing a request. Response time varies depending on the elements of the request.

University Relations began posting FOIA requests under a pilot program during the 2009 summer. Response to the program was positive. At this time, the office plans to continue to make requests available on the web in 2014.

See the archive links (in the side navigation) for FOIAs processed in previous years.





03/21/14 Scheinman, Andrew Economic Development Advisory Group
03/20/14 Wolters, John A. Renovation projects
03/19/14 Scheinman, Andrew Communication Info
03/18/14 Lesk, Sari UI Budget
03/17/14 Rasmussen, Kristina Illinois Budget
03/17/14 Mitek, Ashley Research Information
03/17/14 Lehner, Kristen UIC Records
03/14/14 Goba, Steve Bond records
03/14/14 Goba, Steve Bond records
03/13/14 Beverly, Phillip Student information
03/13/14 Rosenstein, Mark Event information
03/13/14 Sweetman, Alex Bid records
03/12/14 Kibbey, J.C. Bid records
03/12/14 King, Karisa Employee records
03/11/14 Laugesen, Richard Project information
03/11/14 Laugesen, Richard Employee information
03/11/14 Laugesen, Richard Employee information
03/11/14 Cantor, Sam Water supply well information
03/07/14 McDermott, Casey Student reports
03/07/14 MacInnis, Shawn Bid records
03/07/14 Reyes, Effie Bid records
03/07/14 Cohen, Kevin Athletic information
03/07/14 Cohen, Kevin Athletic information
03/07/14 Cohen, Kevin Contract
03/06/14 Harfst, Roger Communication records
03/06/14 Wendland, Sandy Bid records
03/06/14 Heinz, Debra Bid records
03/05/14 Sachdev, Ameet Bid records
03/05/14 Ruthhart, Bill Bid records
03/05/14 Hoss, Adam Bid records
03/04/14 Katz, Jesse Records
03/04/14 Folts, Kyle Contract
03/04/14 Comforte, Kristina Contract
03/04/14 Suokko, Ron Financial information
03/03/14 Nadler, Brittney Records
03/03/14 Jarvis, John Student information
03/03/14 King, Karisa Reports
03/03/14 Buralli, Brian Bid records
03/03/14 Cohen, Jodi Communication records
02/28/14 Barnum, Darold Project reports
02/26/14 Boehler, Brian Student test scores
02/26/14 Thomas, David Employee information
02/24/14 Data Collection Department Report
02/20/14 King, Karisa Employee information
02/20/14 Imhoff, Kimberly Records
02/19/14 Anderson, Derrick Meeting records
02/19/14 Dolinar, Brian Meeting records
02/19/14 Loeb, Rachel Bid records
02/18/14 McDermott, Casey Reports
02/18/14 Baehr, Lynn Bid records
02/14/14 Adams, Jackson Financial aid information
02/13/14 King, Karisa Employee information
02/11/14 Binkley, Collin Contract
02/11/14 Bionaz, Robert Documents
02/10/14 Axelrod, Eliott Budget documents
02/07/14 Lavigne, Paula Athletic report
02/07/14 Laugesen, Richard Financial records
02/07/14 Cohen, Kevin Athletic records
02/06/14 Grayson, Autumn Athletic information
02/04/14 Des Garennes, Christine Athletic reports
02/04/14 Barnum, Darold Financial reports
02/04/14 Barnum, Darold Financial information
02/03/14 Laugesen, Richard Salary information
01/31/14 Downs, Cleo Bid records
01/31/14 Minotti, Anthony Reports
01/31/14 London, Jeffrey Reports
01/31/14 Dorfman, Cory Employment contracts
01/31/14 Jones, Robert Contract
01/30/14 Duncan, Lauren Athletic records
01/30/14 Robert, Michael Student information
01/29/14 Kimmle, David Reports
01/29/14 Fritz, Michael Bid information
01/29/14 Wasser, Stanley Bid records
01/28/14 Skelding, Conor Communication records
01/28/14 Cruikshank, Jack Salary information
01/28/14 Bionaz, Robert Records
01/28/14 Heath, David Employee information
01/27/14 Toeppen, Dennis Public safety information
01/23/14 Shaghoulian, Rodney Grade information
01/22/14 Newman, Jonah Financial reports
01/21/14 Cotter, Shawn Bid records
01/21/14 Cohen, Yoni Athletic contracts
01/21/14 Schwab, Tim Records
01/21/14 Drabek, Barbara Employee information
01/21/14 Calcaterra, Steve Employee information
01/21/14 Fritz, Michael Bid records
01/10/14 Kirkman, Sharon Bid records
01/10/14 Staeger, Steve Expense reports
01/09/14 Daniels, James Police policies
01/09/14 O'Dea, Janelle Contract
01/09/14 Kottman, Robin Bid records
01/07/14 Saites, Penny Bid records
01/07/14 Gillum, Jack Athletic information
01/06/14 Krenicky, Michael Student information
01/06/14 Dominguez, Patricia Bid records
01/03/14 Cohen, Kevin Contracts